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Courtside Players Club (3/19/24)

MLB Opening Day is just a couple weeks away! The Major League Players Club profited over 144 Units last year! Even a $100 Unit Bettor made over 14K! 100% tracked and transparent with all picks posted! Click the link below and scroll down to see last year's results!

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(1 Pick)

9:10PM EST: Virginia +2.5 (4 Units)

Colorado State's offense runs directly through Point Guard Isaiah Stevens. He averages 34 Minutes Per game, 16.5 PPG, 7 APG, and shoots 44.7% from Deep. He's the man Virginia has to stop and they have Ryan Gunn, arguably the Nations #1 defender. He's a 6'8 Guard with a 7'1 wingspan. He's a big reason Virginia ranks 7th overall in Adj Defense. His ability to guard Stevens will disrupt the Rams offense. Colorado State hasn't played an elite defense like Virginia's all year and doesn't have the size to exploit them either. Colorado State's "Big" is 6'8, Virginia's is 6'9. That's usually a disadvantage Virginia has to deal with but won't be the case today. It's why Virginia's 246th in rebound rate this year. Colorado State's just 202nd but that's playing in the Mountain West. They'd fare worse playing an ACC schedule. The Tempo of this game will be slow and to Virginia's liking. Colorado State's 270th in Adj T while Virginia's 362nd, dead last. Virginia's offense certainly leaves a lost to be desired at times outside of shooting 36.7% from Deep but Colorado State's defense is 38th in Adj D. They're far from an elite Unit and again, don't have the size to overpower Virginia.


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