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Bonnetti Professional Sports Handicapper
  • CEO of WinMore.

  • Cofounder of the Players Clubs.

  • 15+ Years of winning experience.

​             I have been correctly picking and winning sports picks for over 15 years.  After College Football had come to an end for me the will to work and flat out dominate had not gone away.  A few years later I was brought into the industry and rapidly constructed one of the deepest networks on the East Coast.  The network I have built and created over the last 15 years speaks for itself.

              I personally send games via text, if email is needed that can be done as well.  Games are sent no later than an hour to start, all picks will be labeled. You will never have to worry about missing a game or any information that comes in.  I cater to all my clients to make sure they don't miss a beat.  I have clients from all over the country and in EVERY Profession you can think of.  If needed I will personally walk you through a weekly money management system.   If  you ever have a question or concern you can reach anytime.  All paying clients can reach me 24/7.

If you need to contact me directly you can email me at



About Me

My sports handicapping career started over 13 years ago as a sports analyst. With a vast knowledge of the games and all the right data at my fingertips, picking winners came naturally to me. I quickly realized this was my path to financial freedom. Spending the majority of my life in the sports world has provided me with the endless contacts, resources, and information that's needed to beat the books on a consistent basis. I take pride in servicing numerous clients today that put their trust in me back when my Handicapping career first started.

My Service

My clients gain direct access to me via phone and e-mail. I text out picks from my direct line with clear instructions. My service covers the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, and MLB. It is strict yet simple and easy to follow. Picking winners is only half the equation, managing your money is the other half. I cover everything as soon as a you sign-up to make sure you're maximizing your time with me. I'm readily available if you ever need to get a hold of me as well.

Interested in my services? E-mail me at

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