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Follow the biggest and best Sharps in the industry with the WinMyBets Sharps System. This system follows the elite sports bettors in the business and releases the same picks that the sharps are betting themselves. This system tracks the Sharps with early action, bet tickets VS bet money, biggest money differentials, as well as the late money.

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    Every month
    1 Month of Sharps System Picks
    • Minimum of 5 Picks Per Week
    • Picks Sent Via E-Mail
    • Picks Available @
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    All System Picks for 1 Month
    • All Sharps System Picks
    • All Stats & Trends System Picks
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The Stats & Trends is all about the numbers. Whether that's straight up against the spread, Moneylines, or over/under bets. The Stats & Trends system takes advantage of fool proof data. We combine hard statistics with the hottest and most recent trends to provide you with the competitive edge you need in sports betting.