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The Major League Players Club plays majority + Moneylines and Big Odds! None of the big heavy favorites that wanna be sports services are giving out. When we hit, we're hitting BIG. While consistently minimizing losses by not paying out juice. Baseball gets overlooked by everyday bettors despite yielding huge profits for the Players Clubs. We hit the Netherlands +160 for our first play of the Year!


All Players Club Picks have a 1-5 Unit Rating.

Each Unit represents a specific wager amount that's unique to the bettor. When these clubs were originally formed over 20 years ago they were designed for $1,000 Unit bettors. They've recently gone public, bringing high end sports picks to everyday bettors at a reasonable cost.

Using a $200 bettor as an example:

1 Unit = $200 Wager.

3 Units = $600 Wager.

5 Units = $1,000 Wager.

Ultimately it's up to you to determine your Unit size.

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