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VIP Players Club Monthly Package


The VIP Players Club provides every Players Club Pick. 

  • GRIDIRON – Football

  • COURTSIDE – Basketball

  • MAJOR LEAGUE - Baseball

  • POWER – Hockey


  • FUTBOL - Soccer

The VIP Players Club Operates 365 days a year.

Gridiron Players Club Monthly Package


The Gridiron Players Club provides NFL & NCAAF Sports Picks from August 4th 2022 to February 12th 2023. (NFL Pre-Season, NFL Season, NFL Playoffs, College Football Season, Bowls and College Football Playoffs) 

Major League Players Club Monthly Package


The Major League Players Club provides MLB Sports Picks from Opening Day (April 8th 2022) through the World Series (November 7th 2022). The MLPC prioritizes + Moneylines and favorable odds to provide big payouts and avoid paying out juice on a regular basis. 

Heavyweight Players Club Monthly Package


The Heavyweight Players Club provides UFC and Boxing Picks all year round. Featuring UFC Fight Nights on weekends and all major boxing matches. Capitalize on Odds as high as +1000 with the Heavyweight players club.

Futbol Players Club Monthly Package


The Futbol Players Club provides the highest rated Soccer Sports Picks all year round. Featuring picks from all major soccer leagues around the globe as well as National matches.  With so many matches to pick from there's always a high value line to play.

Power Players Club Monthly Package


The Power Players Club provides NHL Sports picks from the regular season (October 7th 2022) through the Stanley Cup Finals (TBD).

Courtside Players Club Monthly Package


The Courtside Players Club provides NBA & NCAAB Sports Picks through the NBA & NCAAB Regular Season, NCAA Conference Tournaments, March Madness, and the NBA Playoffs.

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